Body Shaming – It really is a two way street.


I have to keep this brief because I have to go to work:

Accepting your body is all the rage these days. Being happy with your weight and shape. Enjoying what nature gave you… But when we think of body shaming, we generally hear about it and talk about it as if it’s being done to someone who is overweight.

But the reality is that body shaming goes both ways and applies to both, or all, genders.

  1. “You look sick.”
  2. “Eat a cheeseburger.”
  3. “Curvy is better”
  4. “Guys prefer girls with meat on them.”
  5. “No thigh gap is better.”
  6. “Guys like girls who are bigger because they look healthier.”

I understand that society says skinny is beautiful and healthy and this is slowly changing. But not every girl who is thin, has the option of being that way. It’s not like every skinny girl doesn’t eat. Not every girl who is thin has an eating disorder.

I see this happening all the time and it’s coming from girls who are supposedly against body shaming. They’re so pro loving themselves that they’ve neglected to share that love with other people and have instead decided that the way they are, is the best way to be. Being confident is awesome. Being arrogant is not. Really love yourself. Don’t hate on other people to try to convince yourself that you love yourself. *This goes the other way as well. If you don’t want to be called sick looking, don’t call someone fat.*

It’s the golden rule (which apparently is no longer taught): Treat others how you want to be treated. And try to remember that what goes around does eventually come back around.

Have come consideration for one another. We’re all in this together.



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