Suzy Walker (11/24/1970 – 02/17/2017) I Said My Goodbyes, But I Have A Bit More


Homie you were the sister I never had. You were a rock… I never realized how much I leaned on you.. even when it was nothing more than just nonsense talk. I learned so much from you. I became more observant because of you. I got nosier because of you! No where near as nosy as you but I picked up a few things. You helped me find my 6th sense and didn’t call me crazy for it. Even now… I know you’re the only person who would understand and believe me if I told you that I know, that you knew that I knew.

You always had faith in me and reminded me of who I was when I couldn’t remember. You were sneaky, nosy and just an all around amazing friend. You are a far better person than I am… and a much stronger one.

You’re off this boat! I’ll see you in the blink of an eye. Time is nothing and life is short. Don’t forget to find Oopsie! He’s been waiting for you!


*Suzy passed away on the morning of Friday, February 17th 2017, after a short but intense battle with an unidentified cancer that affected her liver, lungs and spine. It’s unknown how long she had it before she was diagnosed, but it was very aggressive. She fought bravely and I couldn’t be more proud of her.*

Please remember to tell those who matter to you that they’re loved. Don’t wait. Don’t assume they know… Make sure they know. 

Edit – I’ve attached a link to a GoFundMe page that’s been set up to help Suzy’s 3 young adult children rebuild their home. Two of the three currently live in the house, the oldest is autistic and the home is in desperate need of major repairs. If you have a moment, please take a look. If you have a couple extra dollars, please donate. If you can’t do this, thank you for reading the article. Sharing the link is equally as helpful. Suzy was disabled due to a severe heart condition for a very long time prior to her cancer diagnosis. We all know how it feels when one bad thing happens right after another. Sometimes you fall into a hole that it’s impossible to get out of without help. Suzy and her kids have never asked for help. She passed away without even telling anyone the full extent of her illness, or how rough things had become at home so that people wouldn’t worry over her even more. So I, and another of her very close friends, are asking for help for her to get her home into better condition so her children can remain there.  One of the major things on the wishlist is used bicycles. If they could get some bus cards, or used bicycles, they could get to and from work a lot easier and begin to help themselves. They’re willing to put in the effort, they just need a little boost. 

Please consider a small donation to help this FAMILY


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