New Product: Mini Soaps! And My Humble Opinion On Copying Products

They look full size… I know. But these little cuties are only 2.5 ounces a piece (roughly).

“I Put A Spell On You”, “Cannibis Dreams” and “Black Ops”

You can find them Here


Is copying flattery or is it just seriously annoying? Are you actually being copied or are you just being selfish?

Alright. I’m going to dive right in on this one. I’m sorry if it’s rude but I can’t hold my tongue anymore.

People always say that copying is a form of flattery… but it’s rare they actually feel that way about it.

I’m severely disappointed to see the number of people who claim they’re “being copied” when what they’re supposedly being copied for is not in any way an original idea.

When someone copies your label, that’s one thing. They look like a nitwit for being unoriginal. But when you claim that someone copied your product and that product is not an original idea, nor is it a unique spin on the idea in any way, you are the one who looks like the fool. It doesn’t matter how much recognition you’ve received about yours being touted as the best. The idea itself, is not original.

If you knit a blue blanket…. every person who knits a blue blanket is not copying you. 

The greatest thing about what I do is that if you give 500 makers the exact same ingredients and tell them to make a bar of soap, you’ll see 500 different ways to make the same product. Even if you only give each of them one single color to use and they all use it the exact same way. All of the bars may look very similar, but each one will be different. And if none of these makers can see each other working, you will still see some very close similarities and it’s NO ONE’S fault. No one is copying. It just happens.

We as humans (and all other species of animal) learn by mimicking. We learn to talk by hearing people talk (this is why people who are born deaf, have a hard time learning to speak). We learn to write by someone showing us how to write. Artists learn to paint by duplicating a technique. If they create a technique that is amazing… but very unusual. And if you name a whole 5 people who have created a completely individual and unique art technique… that is unusual. If you can name 500, that is unusual. Because there are billions of people in this world. 500, 5,000….. 5,000,000… is a drop in the bucket.

So it would be in everyone’s best interest to stop being so self absorbed. If your best friend makes soap, don’t start making soap to compete with them. Talk about how you can work together because you would love to be involved. If you inspire someone you don’t know to start a business that for some reason closely resembles yours, that really is flattery. You inspired them to do something with their lives. Even if it’s limited to copying you. Even if they’re doing it because they think it’s the easy way to success (they’re in for a big surprise. Lol).. you inspired a change. Be proud.

And if you do create something truly unique, for God’s sake put a patent on it. Then there are no arguments or questions. You have all legal rights and can complain all you want.




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