Quick Product Review – Fragrant Jewels

The February Birthday Candle


Fragrant Jewels

I’ve had my candle for only a couple days now. Frustratingly enough, it was supposed to be delivered Saturday the 4th, wasn’t. Then was supposed to be delivered Monday the 6th, wasn’t. Then Tuesday the 7th… It finally arrived late Tuesday. This is no reflection on Fragrant Jewels. It was the delivery service. UPS. My birthday was the 5th. Damn you UPS for making my birthday candle late to the party!

Anyway… So the candle arrived, nicely packaged (I didn’t take a photo of this. I don’t find it necessary). It was safely wrapped in different papers to keep it protected. Wonderful!

The candle: Quite pretty given there is nothing to it except purple wax. The jar is nice, and I like the design of the label. The purple is a nice shade.

The fragrance: Really beautiful fragrance, but it’s really weak. I’m actually mildly disappointed. I don’t feel like I can smell it when it burns. Now, kind of take that with a grain of salt. I work with fragrance oils daily so I go nose blind really fast, and I have a ton of other candles laying around this room… but in comparison to the wax melts I bought from Fragrant Jewels, this candle is just doesn’t hit the mark on scent throw.

The burn: It burns clean, but I’m not getting an even burn pool. This is frustrating because I’ve been trying to get to my prize for a couple days now. I keep having to burn down the side thats not melting to see if the ring is over on that side. I’m going into work late today because of some snow, so I’ll let it burn while I fill orders and see what happens.

*Update* Candle has been burning for a few hours now. I have just over a 1/4″ -still uneven, but not as bad- burn pool. I’m almost 1 inch into my candle and still no prize foil. I assumed it would be right near the top. I guess not.

*Update* It’s 8.30 pm… and my ring foil finally showed it’s face. Don’t be fooled by what you see on their website. Truthfully…. I’m now debating whether or not this was even worth the effort. The ring is pretty but WTF… Getting it out of the wax was a curse filled nightmare! It’s nothing like the little piece of foil on their website! I got all excited. I was like, “Oh there it is! There it is!” and I attempted to pull it out….. NO. I was curious just how this was going to work… so I went a little nuts and I dug it out. It’s not some small piece of anything the size of the ring. It was at least 2 inches with a mess of extra foil hangin’ around a bulky plastic bag, that as you can see, leaked. When I opened it, I found wax coating the cz. I had to take a toothbrush to it. Bypassing that, I’m actually not thrilled with this ring. It’s really pretty but it’s too big for my liking. The band isn’t wide, it’s thick. My fingers don’t rest comfortably together and I can’t get the wax residue to go away even with soap. At least I know what I’m in for if I do this again.

I can tell you from past experiences with their products that the ring quality is exceptional. This candle will make ring number 4 for me. I’ve received 3 valued at $10, and this one inside the candle is valued at $25. You’d never know though. Just yesterday I had a woman comment on how beautiful my ring was. I explained to her where I got it and she had a look of disbelief because she thought it was real. I wore the $10 ring for 9 hours yesterday and thought I saw a slight hint of green. This is all based on body chemistry. I have numerous sterling silver rings that turn me dark green within an hour. So the fact that this little $10 ring didn’t turn me bright green and didn’t cause me to have an allergic reaction makes it ok in my book. I’m allergic to nickel. So if there is nickel inside this cheapy, I haven’t come into contact with it yet. I’m assuming it’s rhodium plated, to give it that platinum look. They’re fairly heavy so the base metal is probably brass. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

One thing that irks me, I KNOW I chose a size 5.5. But this candle, and my invoice says a size 6. Perhaps it was a mistake on my part and I accidentally clicked 6. Perhaps it’s some sort of evil ring plot. Either way, I tend to choose rings of varying sizes anyway because none of my fingers wear the same size. Yeah no joke… It’s annoying.

Moving on…

Fragrant Jewels has various promotions you can catch if you are unsure of whether or not you can justify spending the money. I like to choose the multiple ring deal, or of course, the dollar off on the rare chance I get it.

From what I can tell, the $10,000 rings are genuinely real things. A few people have actually won them. I never win anything so I’m not counting on it but it’s cool to know that the company isn’t full of marshmallows. ($10 ring shown below)




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