Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap – The Perpetual Conflict of Which is Better

There are two types of people in this world… Those who love bar soap, and those who don’t. I love bar soap.

It’s really not that hard to understand why people prefer liquid soap. It can come in cute bottles… it can have sparkles in it or other little floaty things… it can FOAM… Who doesn’t love foaming soap? There is some real excitement in pushing the pump and getting a big cloud of fluffiness in your hand. There is so much excitement to it, that you usually do it more than once! I get it!

A lot of people, and some research, also supports the argument that liquid soap is less likely to contain and transfer germs… Does that include whatever germs are hanging out on the top of the pump when you push it? This is a Mysophobia (more commonly known as “germophobe”) issue.

So the benefits of liquid soap, let’s break them down.

  1. The soap itself has a lower environment impact because it (in general) uses more man made substances instead of plant based oils. There are all natural liquid soaps made with plant based oils but they’re few and far between on the grand scale.
  2. It can come in pretty or even adorable packaging. Making it super awesome for gift giving.
  3. It is safe to say that liquid soap does not pass along germs from one user to the next, allowing for multiple people to use the same product without fear of spreading a cold. (I’m still thinking about the germs on the bottle though…)

But how about the benefits of bar soap?

  1. Bar soap has less environmental impact over all because it doesn’t require the use of PLASTIC packaging. Cold processed bar soaps can be purchased, shipped, stored etc all without any packaging at all. This is called “naked” packaging. They can also be wrapped in different papers and cardboard boxes, which we all know break down a lot faster than a standard plastic bottle.
  2. Bar soaps have no need for a preservative (which are all man made chemicals).
  3. Bar soaps do not pass germs like people think they do. Especially when the bar is rinsed between uses, and allowed to dry. (Google this. There is research to support it.) This is the same pricipal as the pump on the bottle that I mentioned earlier. When you touch the pump (even if germ infested), you get the soap, you wash your hands and wash away the germs. When you touch the bar (even if germ infested), you get the soap, you wash your hands and wash away the germs.
  4. You can smell bar soap before you buy it! It’s rude to take the top off of liquid soap. Then you pop the pump by accident and someone doesn’t want to buy it because someone else opened it and blah blah blah and then you finally get to smell it and there is a seal over it.
  5. It’s more cost effective. Bar soap lasts longer when stored properly. You’re less likely to over use it like you would with those multiple pumps of liquid or foaming soap. THIS SAVES YOU MONEY in more than one way. It also means you use less water when washing it off because it rinses away easier.


I know what you’re thinking…. How about the BAD side of each one?

Liquid soap:

  1. Plastic, when not recycled, clogs the environment. It pollutes and has caused the death of countless critters in our oceans and beyond. Animals have eaten it and died. They’ve been stuck in it, and brutally scarred or worse. There are biodegradable plastics. But you can be certain that your large companies, and most small will not use this plastic because it’s not cost effective. It’s very expensive to use eco-friendly packaging.
  2. Most liquid soaps contain a slew of chemicals, detergeants, preservatives and artificial bubbling agents that are completely unnecessary. (Go ahead… check out the label next time.)
  3. Liquid soaps leave a residue that takes longer to wash off. This uses up more water.
  4. You use more of liquid soap even without realizing it… causing you to go out and buy more. Spending more money, and adding yet another piece of plastic to the landfill.

Bar soap:

  1. If you leave it in a pool of water, it turns slimy. Yup. It does. And it can be gross. This slime pool can indeed be a breeding ground for germs. Though you’re still washing them away.
  2. Bar soap can go rancid if it has a very high fat content. The softer the bar, the faster it goes bad.
  3. Poorly made bar soaps will leave residue. And no one likes that. They contain unnecessary chemicals and detergeants just like their liquid counterparts that can dry out and strip your skin of it’s natural oils. (Shop small my friends. A lot more small business soap makers are far more concerned about the quality of their product and it’s benefit to you than large mass producers are.)

I get it… believe me. A lot of people say soap is soap. They buy what is cheapest. If you’re on a budget, that is understandable. But this is where priorities come into play. Your skin is your largest organ. It’s also the one you notice most often when something is wrong. It’s the one you don’t blow off because other people can see it too. Your skin can make you look 10 years older, or 10 years younger. It can make people shy away from you if you have a skin condition (NOT your fault! Do not be ashamed of this!) You don’t have to buy a $10 bar of soap each time you need to shower. But I encourage you to READ THE INGREDIENTS, think about your purchase and make educated decisions.



…………… buy bar soap!…….. just a suggestion… I’ll forgive you if you don’t. Peace, Love and Suds.

You can check out my selection of handcrafted, small batch soaps Here



2 thoughts on “Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap – The Perpetual Conflict of Which is Better

    1. It IS a process! And that is perfectly okay. People have personal preferences and comfort zones and that’s completely acceptable. It actually took me a while to make the switch as well. For the longest time I thought that I’d never be able to use bar soap because everything I bought in the store (and even from other handcrafters) burned like I was putting salt on an open wound. That doesn’t give bar soap a good reputation. I resolved to make soap that didn’t hurt, I did it, and I haven’t gone back 🙂 I had a push to make a change… But it was worth it for me. Best of luck to you in whatever you choose!

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