A Morning Off – What’s on the Agenda?

I’m off this morning. I’m doing my best to stick to a schedule. This part of my 2017 plan to create balance in my life. I really dislike feeling unproductive, so free time is not actually “free”. I use it to do something relevant to my goals, and my emotional and mental well being. Because I know the kind of person I am, I can work towards keeping myself feeling accomplished on a day to day basis.

Owning a business is a long term deal. It’s a very long process to get where you want to be. Nothing happens overnight… Except for the people who came up with the pet rock… and if I may rant for a second (because obviously I’m disappointed I wasn’t the one who came up with such a stupidly successful concept)… are you kidding me? Someone would honestly pay $90 for a ROCK.. in a leather pouch? Good gravy…

Today I’ll be bringing you some new bubble bars! Exciting! I know. I’m excited too. I’ve been planning them out for a while now and I’ve finally got the time to make them. No, I’m not going to tell you what they are! What a silly question. I’ll have some photos of them for you in the next few days when they’ve hardened and are ready to ship out!

I decided to share a photo early!



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